Best Document Scanning app for iPhone is Free Today


Do you know you can turn your iPhone into a mini scanner? Yes your iPhone can scan document. How to scan with the iPhone? The best scanner app for iPhone is free today. Tinyscan Pro can turn documents, photos, receipts into PDF files and store in your iPhone. You can email them as PDF files or just send it to cloud storage like dropbox. If you want to scan document on Android, the CamScanner app is free.

TinyScan Pro is the best scan app for iPhone that can scan a document and save as PDF file. Today, one of the best document scanner apps for iOS is free for a limited time, otherwise € 2.69. The Tinyscan pro photograph multiple documents easily then it is rendered and can be shared as PDF document on various cloud services or by email.

How to scan a document as a pdf

iphone scanner app

You can edit and adjust the margin of the documents if you haven’t photographed perfectly.  You can also add brightness and contrast to it. It uses fast algorithms and detects the page frame automatically. It provides 3 modes for different files, color, grayscale, black & white. And each mode shows a perfect contrast.

When you want to export it as PDF, it provides different page sizes such as Letter, A4, B5 etc. You can even protect documents with a password.

Download TinyScan Pro from iTunes (Free for Limited time)

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