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Find my iPhone app, where’s my droid app helps you to find your iOS, Android smartphones when it is lost or misplaced somewhere. When you want to locate your parked car in a parking lot using your smartphone, we have apps for it. In case, if you give your car keys to your friend to drive the car from parking lot, using the app he/she can easily locate the parked car in the parking lot or anywhere. If you park your car in a big parking lot and you don’t remember exactly where you’ve parked, with the help locate my car app you can find car in parking lot.

Find my Car iPhone app to find car in parking lot that uses GPS location to help you find your car. The app is currently free on the market. You can download and install it on your iOS device. The app also uses augmented reality technology to find your car.

find my car app iphone

How does the Find my car app work? It is simple. Once you’ve parked your car, open the app and spot the exact location and save the car position on the map. You can even take a picture; add a note (landmark or spots to remember). When you want to find your car again, open the app and locate your last car position on the map. It shows the distance to your car in real time as you walk down. It shows the direction from your spot to parked area.

With the augmented reality technology, it shows a small arrow displaying the exact distance to the parked area. You can follow the arrow to arrive at the place.

If you use Android smartphone, you have similar app to locate car. Find my car android app does the job pretty neat. I installed the app from the market place. Once installed, I opened up. There are two options. To park store position (you are going to nail your parking position using GPS) and the next one is Find display position (this is going to be helpful when you need to find the car).

locate my car app

Now clicking on the park store position will allow you to add a title for your parking location that is going to store the GPS co-ordinates of your car parking. Then when you need to find the car, open the app and use Find display position and select the parking title that you just saved.

help me locate my car

It gives you 4 options to show the parking place on map, take/view picture, navigate or send the GPS location to someone else.  When you hit navigate, the app uses Google navigation to show the walking direction to the parking lot where your car is parked. Using the exact GPS co-ordinates you are taken to your car. Awesome isn’t?

All these apps are made using a simple GPS hack; you can find your car in the parking lot without doing any manual work just by the movement of the phone.

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  1. But the thing is, GPS doesn’t really work in underground parking lots where there hundreds of cars and you actually have difficulty in finding your’s. In open grounds, it’s not much of an issue, since you can remember approximate landmarks/location.

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