Android Apps to Forward Unknown Callers to Voicemail


Cold calls from insurance companies are annoying. If you don’t have the habit of answering calls from unknown numbers, that are not in your address book. How do I send unknown callers straight to voicemail in android? There are lots of apps; even you can send unknown numbers to voice mail using Google voice. People who’re not in your address book, unknown numbers can be directly send to voicemail.

If you want to send numbers from your contact book to voicemail, you have the option in the settings of each contact. For unknown numbers, you can do it with help of Google voice.

How to Send Anonymous Callers to Voicemail in Google Voice?

With the help of Google voice, you can send any unknown, anonymous number directly to voicemail. This [how to] setup is completely for unknown numbers that are NOT in the address book.

  1. Open Google voice and go to contacts, put all your contacts under one or more groups.
  2. In Google voice, open settings > groups and customize each group. Make sure to specify that they ring all your phones.
  3. Under settings > phones, uncheck all the phones. Now everybody who calls you who is in one of the groups will trigger the phones to ring, while anyone who is not will go straight to voicemail.
  4. Make sure, thereafter every time you add a contact, should be placed in one of those groups.

Under settings > groups and circles, you have two groups. They’re all contacts and Anonymous callers. So these callers who don’t have a caller ID, appear as unknown or restricted can be sent directly to voicemail.


The above method can also be used for Unknown numbers. Not only anonymous numbers can be sending to voicemail, if you don’t have a number in your address book and it is not anonymous number, you can send to voicemail. If a call falls into a category that has no enabled forwarding phones, it goes straight to voicemail. So uncheck all the phones in the Settings > Phones tab, then specify them all for “All Contacts” and you will get what you want.

If you want all calls to be send to voicemail, follow this guide Do Not Disturb on Google voice.

Android apps to Forward Unknown Callers to Voicemail

I found 3 apps that come closer to solve our issue.

Extreme call blocker (Stealth)

It can block calls, sms, and mms with complete privacy. It has 4 way supports to block a call. You can send to voicemail, no screen flash even if number in your contact list. If you don’t want the caller to leave you a voice mail, you can answer and hung up. No voicemail and no miss call notification.  You can mute the ring only. Caller will hear the normal ring and then voice call, you hear nothing.

You can simply black list the numbers, even block unknown or private, restricted numbers. You can even block all numbers that aren’t in the contact book.

Another special feature, you can use wildcard match to block an area code. Option to send auto text message reply to blocked calls and messages.

call blocker

aFirewall Call Blocker

This one is a free app. It can block incoming calls from your contact list and even block unknown, restricted, anonymous calls. In the app, under unknown and private in blacklist category you can find the option to activate.

Call control blocker (Community powered)

This app is community powered call blocking, which means crowd sourcing the spam callers. So once the number is reported by the community, it blacklists it. When you install the app, all the numbers reported goes into blacklist. So it stops telemarketers, and other spam calls before they bother you.

Even has a personal block list. You can even block phone numbers by area code wise.

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