Adblock Plus for Android APK [Direct Download]


Recently Google has deleted Adblock plus from the Andorid play store. It’s disappointing because Google is so selfish that software on an open source platform like android is being censored when it causes a loss to their ad-related business. Google is showing keen interest in preventing people to install adblock plus for android. As you all know adblock plus is a great extension for browsers to hide ads that are offensive and unpleasant. Ads on the web can be annoying sometimes, so adblock plus extensions comes handy.


As a content publisher, I want to fight against ad blockers. Only few advertisers who tend to distribute unpleasant and annoying ads need these ad blockers. Now coming back to the topic, Google has removed Adblock plus android app from the playstore.

What’s next? If you’re already using adblock plus on your android, don’t worry it will continue to work. But you won’t get the updates. You need to manually install the app with the latest version from adblock plus official website.

For people who’re looking to install adblock plus on android, you can download the adblock plus apk file directly from their official website. Adblock plus android page has a QR code to scan and download the apk file directly to your mobile. You need to check option ‘to allow apps install from unknown sources’ in your settings before you install adblock plus.

This just proves that Google doesn’t care about community anymore. The only things they’re interested in are their advertisers.

Here is the guide to configure Adblock plus on android.

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