Photoshop Tutorial: How to make Vignette effect in Photoshop


Vignette effect in Photoshop will add dark corners to the edges of your photos and highlight the theme in the middle. A photograph whose edges shade off gradually is known as vignette effect. It can either be shaded using a white or black color. Sometimes when we take a photo, when there is too much of brightness, then the main object in the photo doesn’t stand out, so darkening the corners of the frame will help you to highlight the theme of the photo. Normally people don’t use vignette effect too much, but these days it has become one of the popular photo effects in Photoshop.

When you add a white vignette in Photoshop to dark images and black vignette in Photoshop to brighter images, it will highlight the theme of the photo. Photoshop gives you complete control over the strength and position of the effect. There are many types of vignette in Photoshop such as Black vignette, white vignette, blurs vignette effect, soft vignette effect etc. Let us learn how to do vignette on Photoshop.

How do I Vignette in Photoshop?

Today I am going to teach you two methods to do vignette in Photoshop. One is white vignette effect and black vignette effect in Photoshop. Both the methods are less time consuming and difficulty level is easy. Let’s start off with Black vignette effect.

How to make a black vignette in Photoshop?

black vignette photoshop tutorial

1. Open your image in Photoshop

2. Select Elliptical Marquee tool (M) which is second item in the left pane of Photoshop tools.

3. On the image draw an oval shape using the tool. Simply start off on the upper left side and move to right corner. So you get an oval shape which is highlighted on the required area of your image.

4. Now right click in middle of the oval and choose Select Inverse. This will highlight the center area and when you apply vignette it will shade off the edges.

5. Now once you’ve chosen the Select Inverse, hit Q letter in your keyboard. This will mask the center oval shaped area which you’ve highlighted.

vignette ps tutorial

6. Go to Filter > blur > Gaussian blur. Choose the radius pixels around 60. You can move the slider back and forth to get the right amount of radial.
For sharp transition use lower radius and for softer one, select higher radius. I chose 60 as radius.

7. Now hit Q letter again to remove the mask from the center oval shaped one.

8. Then go to Image > adjustments > levels. Move the output level slider from 255 to 150 ranges to get the black vignette effect on the edges of your photos.

9. Play with the output level slider to get the right amount of black shades to your images.

10. That’s it. You get the black vignette effect in Photoshop.

How to make a White Vignette effect in Photoshop?

soft white vignette tutorial

1. Open the image in Photoshop

2. Under layers on the right side panel, double click the background to create into a layer. You can name your layer into anything. For example: layer0.

3. Now select the elliptical marquee tool to draw the oval position to highlight the area on the image.

4. Once done, click the Add layer mask button at the bottom of the layers palette. If you find it difficult, I have shown how to do in the video tutorial. Watch the video above. It has both the methods shown.

5. Now go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur. Set the radius to medium level 60 in my case. Move the slider to get the exact effect you want.

6. Add a layer, fill it with white color and blend both the image.

7. Create a new layer and move it below the layer0. Now hide the layer visibility of the layer0 and click the layer1 to fill white color to it.

8. Select the foreground color to white and choose paint bucket tool and fill the layer1 with white color.

9. Now unhide the visibility of Layer0 to get the final image.

10. That’s it. Now you have done a White vignette in Photoshop.

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