5 Unique Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is near and if you’re looking out to send gifts to your valentine, the most common ones are flowers and Valentine’s Day photo cards. There is lots of interesting Valentine’s Day gifts for her. I just want to be geeky here. Don’t expect any romantic gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Before I start throwing some light on interesting apps, gadgets for your love – here are some ideas.

Instead of buying some valentine’s day photo cards which carries wordings written by someone, make a Valentine’s Day photo card by you. There are lots of DIY videos on the web to make one. Prepare a cute photo card with a hand written note on it. May be a geeky valentine quote, something like “You auto-complete me”

love letter ideas

How to write a romantic love letter? To know how some people seem to have an unlimited supply of completely original romantic ideas while you struggle to come up with just one. To rid you of the stress from over-thinking and over-analyzing every word, eliminating writers block!

Transform Your Love Into Your Words

101  Romantic ideas by Michael web & Lots of love letter articles – 2 Amazing eBooks for you. – Click this link to read .

You can even write down 101 reasons why I love you. Let it be creative, powerful and amazing reasons to say why I love you to your partner.

Best Valentine’s Day Gift for your Wife:

couple app

Couple App: An app for two.

This app creates a timeline only for the two of you. Both need to install the app and you can stay in touch anytime. What is so special in this app? Even Whatsapp allows you to send images, videos, voice messages etc. If you’re both online at the same time, you can sketch together and ThumbKiss. ThumbKiss a feature that lets you to see where your partner is touching their screen so you can touch the same spot and make both phones vibrate simultaneously. Do watch the video below. You will love it.

Heart design Mp3 Player

lovers mp3

Two gifts from one purchase. The heart shaped mp3 player can be shared between couples. It can be divided into two mp3 players and each carry 1GB of pace.

Wild at Heart iPhone 4 Case

iphone case valentine gift

Star Wars Rings

star wars ring

Meteorite heart pendant

heart pendant valentine gift

Yes, this is real meteorite!

Apart from this, you can gift her iPad, iPhone, Chocolates, flowers etc.

Enjoy the romantic day with your valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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