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There is lot of software to monitor internet usage. One of our readers asked us how to track data usage or network bandwidth consumption? If you’re under limited bandwidth connection and don’t want to exceed your usage limit, there are certain free software to keep track of your bandwidth consumption and data usage. Today all your questions like how to track data usage, how to check my bandwidth limit, how to monitor data downloaded from internet etc. will be answered.

Before we get into the list of free software to monitor internet download usage, I have written 5 mistakes which made me to pay high internet bills. I was using a limited broadband connection which had FUP (fair usage policy) and without proper software to keep track of how much I used the internet to download stuff and bandwidth monitor, I ended up paying high bill amount. Learn from the mistakes on how to reduce the data usage and keep track of internet usage.

If you feel your internet is slow, 5 tools to speed test internet connection. Also learn how to improve the internet bandwidth connection quality.

Internet Data Usage Monitor Software for PC

By default the internet service provider itself has a dashboard that displays the data usage that you do on the web. But unfortunately it doesn’t work very well. Also you need to log in customer account every time to keep track of it. A desktop app is always super to keep track and to customize according to our needs.

For Windows users: Net Speed Monitor is a lightweight tool that sits on your Windows task bar and displays 2 things. The current download/upload speed and the total amount of data transferred in a month. When you move the cursor, it shows quick short overview about bandwidth of today, month and session.


It can also display data traffic over past months, years. It is fully customizable and supports several languages. Simple and effective software one must install in Windows PC.

For Mac users: Surplus meter is a freeware and open source software for Mac users. It can keep track of bandwidth usage on monthly basis and also download/upload traffic on your internet connection. You can set a daily cap and accumulate surplus.


If you want to set priority for apps to consume and use the internet bandwidth, you can try NetBalancer. It balances your software applications by setting priority in sending and receiving bandwidth. If you want to download some programs slowly, you can set the bandwidth to low priority and surf the internet at normal speeds.

On Windows 7 the Net meter gadget will keep track of total downloaded and uploaded data. It monitors the bandwidth of your network usage in real time and display in a small widget on Windows 7 desktop.

Tips to Reduce Internet Bandwidth usage

You can easily control internet usage to minimal level with the help of these tips.

1. Cut down the automatic updates. Manually update when you are in high speed connection.

2. Stop bulk downloading. If you’re under FUP, then start mass download at the end of every month. If your connection refill date is on 1st, then mass download on 29, 30th of every month.

3. Minimize the use of streaming services like YouTube, Pandora, Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify. It will eat up your data. It takes like 300MB per hour.

4. When using mobile 3G, don’t update apps. You can do it on Wi-Fi.

How to Track Internet Usage on Mobile Phones?

Similar to PC and Mac, there are few apps to monitor data usage on android, iPhone, BB, Nokia Symbian etc. Tracking internet usage on mobile phone is necessary. Because 3G data connectivity is costly here in India and you definitely need apps to monitor data usage.

How to Track data usage on Android?

If you’re using Android smartphones which runs on Android 4.0 Icecream sandwich or later, then it provides its own data usage calculator that displays data used by each app and helps to set a limit. For other versions of Android, there are lots of better third party apps to check data usage on android. I would like to mention 6 best android apps to check data usage. The first three are my favorites.

Onavo Count:

onavo count

You can set your data cap, get alerts and notifications about apps that are hogging your data and get notification when you are about to reach the data cap, also you can restrict apps to Wi-Fi. It has home screen widgets, get advice on best value data plans based on your data usage. Easy to setup and use.

My Data Manager

my data manager

It shows the exact data usage and keep tracks all your internet usage with alerts to avoid over usage. It has also got home screen widgets and displays the data in notification bar too. You can get statistics on mobile data, Wi-Fi and on roaming too.

3G Watchdog

watchdog 3g

Unless you are on an unlimited plan, you should have this. It is an excellent app to keep track of internet usage. You can set the data cap and it will warn you with green/orange and red buttons to alert your data usage. It also got home screen widgets and notification bar alerts.

Data Usage Monitor apps for Android

Dodol Phone

Data Counter Widget

Net Counter

How to Check Data Usage on iPhone, iPad?

Similar to apps on android, you can check data usage on iPhone, iPad too. There are apps to monitor your data usage on iPhone.

Apps to Track Data Usage on iPhone

Data Man

Onavo Extend

My Data Usage Pro

Track Internet Usage on BlackBerry

Network Traffic Control

Data Usage Monitor for Symbian Nokia Phones

Internet Tracker Lite

Data Counter Widget

Manage Internet Usage on Windows Phone


If you are using some other app to track internet usage on your PC and Mobile phones, do share it with us through comments below.

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