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It has been three weeks since the launch of Mega, the new 50 GB cloud storage service from Kim dotcom of Mega upload fame. Mega cloud storage service is catching on quite well among users and allows us to safely exchange files with an offer of space which is well above what we can find in other services. As Kim promised, Mega APIs that allow to integrate with third party apps has begun to develop apps and tools in the form of Android application & Firefox extension as of now.

When you visit Mega using Firefox browser, it automatically offers Mega Firefox extension for vastly improved download performance. The Mega Firefox extension allows you to batch download files from mega without any restrictions on the file size limit.

mega firefox ext (1)

For people who don’t know what Mega is, Mega is a free cloud storage service that offers free 50 GB space for every user who is registered. It encrypts data files on the fly and decrypts only when using keys which are solely in the hands of the users. With more than 2.5 million registrations, mega is a serious competitor in the cloud storage industry.

You can download the Mega Firefox extension from the addons repository. This extension works in the background and quietly active when accessing Mega to start downloading files. Currently the extension is only for Firefox. If you prefer to use Mega without extension, then you can use Chrome.

mega firefox ext (2)

Why Mega has launched Firefox extension? The Firefox browser requires storing the entire file in memory when downloading files from Mega site. This can be bypassed when you use the Mega extension. The Firefox plugin doesn’t offer any interface or options. Once installed, it sits quietly in the background and becomes active only when you access mega site to download files from the server.

mega firefox ext (1)

The extension will increase the download performance and allows you to batch download unlimited number of files without any size limit restrictions.

Only if you’re using Mega & Firefox as your primary browser, you need to install the Mega extension to work smoothly without any lag.

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