Is Adsense experimenting with animated ads?


We have seen that Google has recently introduced several changes in the way Adsense ads look. First, as most of you must have observed,  Google has added big arrows near each link. Sometimes even big square ad units show just one ad. It looks really bad to my eyes but Google can see the bigger picture and get the statistics about the impact of such ads on various parameters.

Recently some people reported that Google Adsense has been displaying animated ads. This was really weird. I never imagined if Google would ever do that because even if someone would hover over the ads by mistake, ads would animate and this would surely attract the attention of the user even if the user is not much interested in the ad itself. It seems that they are doing this on experimental basis. This may also increase the page load. So one may want to reduce number of ads on particular page.

Here are the videos that shows how animated ads look:

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