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I have few websites in my bookmark bar that I open and use it daily. Websites like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Reddit, Foursquare, and Stack overflow, Google plus etc. I am also very active on all these social networking sites. If you ask me how do I manage all these social accounts? I login daily to keep track of it, answer the notifications and much more. Later today found an extension – Chime for chrome that aggregates all your notifications for Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Reddit, Stack overflow, Google plus etc.

Chime for Google chrome allows us to receive notification aggregated in a separate area. Desktop notifications in Google chrome are so cool. Google mail has desktop notification, Facebook desktop notification; each social network has individual extension to receive updates on chrome easily. But Chime makes it way to combine the major social networks and useful forums/Q&A sites like Stack overflow, Quora to get notifications in one place.

chime (1)

Once you’ve installed the extension, it detects the services that you’re already logged in, so you start receiving notifications instantly. If you haven’t logged in, you can login to get notification. You can also select from which networks you can receive notification.

chime (2)

It displays notification in three areas. It displays in the top right corner of your browser, next to the address bar. The desktop alerts and a separate new page for notification alerts which displays all the notification in one place. You can also filter out notification by clicking each icon.

Note: Chime eliminates other desktop notification extensions that you are using it for Gmail, Facebook, Twitter mentions, etc. This replaces all other extensions and acts as an All in One desktop notification extension for Chrome.

chime (3)

Many of us are Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Reddit addicts. This extension will save a lot of memory resources and extension resources. Instead of having 5-6 individual extension, Chime replaces it all. With a simple design, chime saves lot of time. In one way it boosts up the productivity and preventing distraction because knowing that none of your social accounts have a notification that keeps you from checking them back and forth.

chime (4)

Note to the developer team: You can add support to Google reader, YouTube and Google calendar.  Also if possible, sound alert for the notifications.

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