WP Blur Plugin: WordPress Unlock Content to Get Social Media Traffic


Are you a blogger, webmaster who loves to get free social media traffic to your websites? One of the main strengths of WordPress is its plugins. With WordPress plugins you can actually reduce your workload. Talking about free social media traffic to your blog or website, WP Blur WordPress plugin allows you to achieve it easily. Let us take an example to make it understand better. If you’re giving away a free resource such as eBook or some download collection you can make people to get the access for the links with a small contribution from their side.

As a blogger, you’re giving away some free resource to your readers with a little contribution from their side which is free social media traffic. The important portion of your blog post (download links or coupon code) can be hided in your blog post. Only when they share the post on Facebook, twitter or Google+ they can unlock the content. So it works like, Facebook like to unlock WordPress content or tweet to unlock content or Google+ share to unlock WordPress content.

Similar plugins will hide the specific content completely. WP Blur plugin blurs the content that you want to hide. It blurs and locks the content. Only allows you to unlock when you share the post on social networks, thereby you get some free social media traffic.

Who should use WP Blur Plugin?

1. Bloggers who write about WordPress themes and coupon code can use it. You can hide the coupon code / download link. Only when your reader Facebook like or tweet the post, can unlock the coupon code.

2. People who write about SEO, marketing, software’s can use this plugin to hide the important section of your blog post. May be the paragraph that reveals the business secrets or marketing tricks, strategies and software download links can also be locked.

3. Anyone who uses WordPress seriously should have this plugin. This may not be in your daily use list, but it’s a must have plugin.

What makes readers to unlock the content?

WP Blur plugin blurs the important portion in your blog post, which creates a feel among readers that they are being denied something and creates physiological force to take action which can be sharing the content to unlock the hidden text and thereby leads to next process of conversion.

WP Blur can blur text data and also image content. So if you’re posting a tutorial or hack, you can blur out the important image content in your post. Readers need to share the post to unlock the image data in the post.

What is the difference between WP Blur and other Content Locking Plugins?

Other content locking plugins completely locks the content. You don’t know whether the content is actually present. People who scam just use the content locking plugin to fake and get traffic to their sites. But WP Blur will show the exact content which is hided in a blurry way. So, you can assure about the locked content is which a premium stuff for a price of Like, tweet or G+.

wp blur unlock content

How to use WP Blur Plugin?

1. Download, Install the plugin.

2. Open your WordPress editor, write your content.

3. Add [blur] add the content you need to hide [/blur] short codes.

wp blur review

4. That’s it.

Note to Bloggers, Webmasters:

As you all know, Google is taking social metrics very seriously after the panda updates. For a site to rank well in Google, social metrics is very much important. Based on your likes, tweets and Google +1’s your website can rank better in Google search engine. So take the wise decision.

How bloggers and webmasters can make use of this plugin?

Without a second thought go ahead and buy this plugin. Once you’re done, find out some of the top ranking articles from your blog using Google analytics. Then analyze the important content in the articles (realize why people are flooding into the content) and hide the important data in those articles. See how the traffic doubles up.

WP Blur Plugin Discount Price

WP Blur full time developer’s license is just 27$ for a small onetime payment (limited time only). It has got 60 days money back guarantee if your traffic and conversions doesn’t increase after using the plugin. So go ahead and try out! – Click this link to buy WP Blur at the discounted price.

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  1. Really cool Plugin to checkout..

    Thanks.. :)

  2. Ramsay says:

    Nice review. But we still can see the text using developer console in Chrome or Firebug plugin. Is it possible to hide the text from those tools?

    • I asked the same question to the developer (my friend) and what he has to say is, we can disable. But that level we don’t want to go, is someone uses all his knowledge and refuses just to share something then we don’t want one.

      • Ramsay says:

        Cool and agree with his point. Not many have knowledge to dig deeper and incase if they do that also there wont be much problem. Thumbs Up for his idea and thanks for the review.

  3. Here’s a question …

    If you blur out content will the search engines still be able to access to index that content?


  4. Chris says:

    This is a great plugin Srivathsan,

    Just 2 minor problems…

    1) It doesn’t seem to blur link text from what I see.
    2) It breaks Sharebar. (Sharebar no longer show up once this is in use on the site).

    Might just be me but is there any way you could look into it?

    Will gladly point out where this is happening if you drop me an Email buddy!

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