Using Adsense with YouTube: 7 Things that matter


YouTube is best video site on the planet which allows you to use host your videos for free, use their video player, embed it on other sites and make revenue from it. This all sounds really great because its completely FREE.  If we could rewind the time, I could show you how things were before and how are they now.

YouTube initially introduced partnership to limited number of video creators and bar to get partnership was quite high. Recently, the discontinued the original format of partnership and started inviting people to monetize their video content. If they could monetize at least one video, they would quality for being called as “partners”.  It became way too easy to get the partnership. But this has its negative effect too.  It became way too easy to get accounts disabled. So YouTube is a great platform to show your skill and make few buck, here are the things that you should follow to protect your adsense account FROM YouTube

Disallow sharing options : Sharing of YouTube videos indeed helps us to get more views. Social networks are the best place to get views. If there are more views, it gives the positive impression about your videos to its users. So having more views is important. I would suggest that one should first get enough views. Later, you should monetize. But before you monetize, disallow sharing options.

What if you want to allow sharing : Some people believe is balancing risk and benefits. My personal opinion is : NO RISK WITH ADSENSE. But personal opinion may vary with person to person. So if you wish to get some views and bucks faster, you may wish to allow sharing of videos so that it appears on other sites and your videos get exposure. It that case, you need to keep very good track about where your videos are being shared and what is the surrounding entities of your videos. There are few maniacs who just create a website with the videos embedded from the various sources. It may happens that your video which in complete compliance with AdSense policy gets embedded on the same page where some porn video is also embedded. This is enough reason for Adsense to disable your account.

Understand the policies well : YouTube being a videos sharing sites allow certain things (like adult content) that AdSense may not allow. So if you are using AdSense with YouTube remember, AdSense is at king’s place. Obey AdSense policies!

Copyright issues :

Anything that has not been created by you is under copyright. Using them in anyway is a copyright infringement.

My thumb rule! I know certain things fall under fair use laws and public domain..but still I like to take the safer than safest course.

Here are the limitations that still remain even when you follow all of the above tips.

You lack control over the traffic. YouTube won’t allow you to block any particular traffic. You don’t have any facility like .htaccess that we have in case of our own websites.

Analytics lag behind in days if not weeks. YouTube does have a way to monitor your traffic well. But it always lag behind. In such case, you may realize the problem way after it has already hit your “good standing” status of your adsense account.

Very narrow revenue stream. This is one of the biggest limitations of YouTube. You just have one ad network as your client. That is adsense. If they decide to go away, your channel cannot generate even single penny. I know there are some other ways like product placement to earn money from videos but that does not work for large majority of people.

So it would not be a very good idea to set up your entire online business around YouTube.

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Trushit Vaishnav is a blogger at The Teachy Teacher. He writes about using technology effectively in the field of education. He also teaches Math at his YouTube channel.


  1. Hey Trushit,
    Did you optimize the ad units at your videos? i guess you need to do split test and play with ad units. Let me know after doing those optimizations.


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