Space Settlers – Free Online Multiplayer Sci-Fi Game for iPhone, iPad


It has been long since I reviewed gaming apps for iOS devices. I recently stumbled upon this sci-fi game for iPhone, iPad. It is the first online multi player Sci-Fi game for iOS devices that features “mecha combat and real-time strategy”. Online multi-player games are always fun to play with your friends. The Space Settlers is diverse and easy to play. If you’re much interested towards science then you will love this game, if you’re a novice then it is worth your first try. With its awesome graphic and extraordinary visual impact, you are going to love this game.

From the press Space Settlers story revolves around the God particle which made a great contribution to theoretical physics, proving that God particle captured can be dated back to 13 billion years. The dark energy crystal which is most powerful energy source in universe, The ancient people in Terra left extraordinary technological remains and thereafter the first Space Settlers age began.


Space Settlers is the next gen style sci-fi game for iOS devices. From the Digiarty team, Space Settlers is the first online multi-player iOS game released for free. What is so special in Space Settlers game? They have designed it with thrilling game play. You have mecha chariots, adventurous planet conquering, legion wars and multi-player game style makes it wonderful. Adding to it, the graphic, visual style, background music, sharp image brings players an amazing visual impact.


The video explains about the Game Play and other features. Do watch it below:

If you visit their official site Space Settlers you can use your bar code scanner app to download the app to your iOS device directly from their website. Or you can even visit the iTunes link to download the game to your iOS device.

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  1. Ameila says:

    Will have to have my boys check this out as they love to play Sci Fi games online.

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