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It has been a rough week.. One of my blogs faced missed schedule bug on WP 3.5 and finally I wrote about the fix to Missed Schedule on WP 3.5. Then, Google RSS feedburner stopped working. It was working pretty solid and suddenly stopped updating RSS feeds. Due to this, posting to social feeds and email subscription got affected. If you’re facing RSS Feedburner issue on WordPress, I got some fixes that should work for you.

Right away lets get to the point. I will list down some of the working methods that will get back the RSS feedburner updating. Publish a blog post and with in few minutes check your Feed url for updated blog post. If your feeds are not updating ..

1. Login to your Feedburner account and Click your blog feed and get into the dashboard.

2. Under troubleshootize tab, you can do 3 things to fix the issue.

rss feeds not working wordpress (1)

a) Ping feedburner using the ping page. Go to the ping page and enter your feedburner URL and ping it. With in few minutes, your feeds may get updated to the latest post.

b) If the blog post has some invalid characters or XML markups, the feeds won’t get updated. So, the next thing is you should check your feeds for validity errors. Sometimes, you may write on a Word doc, paste it on WordPress content editor and publish it. So this may cause the invalid characters or symbols to stop the feeds from updating. Also if you have any iFrame codes, it may sometime show it as a error. What you need to do is, Check your feeds with Original Feed Validity, FeedBurner Feed Validity. See if any errors are reported, Then, check out the help topics for removing unwanted characters from your posts. Normally the error will be shown in which exact line it is located, so you can easily fix it.

rss feeds not working wordpress (2)

c) If both the above mentioned methods doesn’t work on your case, then use the third method to Resync the feed. When you resync the feed, it actually clears all the cache version and your feeds will update immediately.

But in my case when I did a resync feed for the first time, the feeds got updated. But again when I publish new post the same old problem the feeds weren’t updating to the latest. The problem is with the Cache plugin which am using on the WordPress blog.

W3 Total cache plugin by default enables caching feeds. If you’re using Feedburner and W3 Total cache plugin on your blog. All you need to do is, uncheck the option of cache feeds for sites like feedburner. Below is the screenshot.

rss feeds not working wordpress (3)

You need to go to under W3 total cache settings in your WP dashboard. Under page cache, you can find this option to uncheck.

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