Solution: Fix Missed Schedule on WordPress 3.5


Recently one of my WordPress blogs faced the Missed Schedule bug on the latest version WP 3.5. After upgrading from WP 3.4.2, the scheduling feature on WordPress was functioning properly. From January 1, 2013 it throws an error ‘Missed schedule’ and the scheduler doesn’t work. I had to manually publish the posts every single time. Many of my blogger friends are too facing the similar issue after the upgrade to WordPress 3.5 version. Also heard from the members of WordPress support forum that certain plugins which are based on the scheduling feature such as WPB2D backup to dropbox aren’t functioning properly after the upgrade to 3.5

How to fix the missed schedule on WordPress 3.5?

Earlier when the same error was occurring on older versions of WordPress 2.9 etc there was an easy fix. By increasing the timeout in cron.php in wp-includes folder will help to fix the Missed schedule issue. Now on WP 3.5, this fix doesn’t work.

You can find out whether the cron jobs are scheduled properly by installing the plugin “cron-view”. This plugin allows you to view all WP Cron events. When you’ve installed this plugin, from the WP dashboard you can see all the queued cron events, when they are due, which schedule they are on/off and which hook they will call etc.

The cron-view plugin doesn’t actually fix the missed schedule issue. But, it gives you a place to start finding the exact problem. Sometimes a clean re-install of WordPress 3.5 would solve the missing schedule for scheduled posts on WordPress. But this time it doesn’t work too.

Missed Schedule bug on WordPress 3.5 is only for certain people. From talking to various friends who’re facing similar issue, I found that the problem is caused because of any plugin/theme which clashes with the wp cron jobs. Alternatively, you can disable one by one plugin and change the theme to default twenty eleven to find the culprit. But, for a largely productive blog you cannot make any changes live. May be you can setup a replicate of the site and debug with it.

Actually the problem is with WP-cron. It doesn’t work when the post scheduled is to be published at the exact time set.

As of now, found 2 solutions to fix the Missed schedule bug on WP 3.5.

  1. Use the plugin “WP Missed Schedule Fix Failed Posts”
  2. Revert back to WP 3.4.2.

Both the above mentioned methods are tested and working.

The plugin WP Missed Schedule Fix Failed Posts will find all the missed schedule posts and it republishes them correctly. Checking every 5 minutes all posts that match the problem and it can fix 5 items per session.

This plugin queries the database for missed post every 5 mins. If you’re scheduling around 15-20 posts per day, then this plugin doesn’t impact much on your database. But, if you’re scheduling 4-5 post per week then querying your database often is an additional load to it.

The second method is reverting back to WordPress 3.4.2 and the problem is fixed.

How to revert back to old version WordPress 3.4.2?

Download WP 3.4.2 from release archives.

Backup your database (for safety)

Open Filezilla or any FTP program

Open your website public html folder.

Delete the current WP installation (wp-admin) while keeping the WP-content, WP-config and .htaccess files and install the WP 3.4.2.

Now install the WP-admin from wordpress 3.4.2 which you’ve stored locally.

These are the two working methods now. I’m finding a way to fix this missed schedule bug without use of any plugins. I will update the post once am done with it.

Update 1: The W3 Total Cache plugin and WordPress SEO plugin is causing this missed schedule bug on WP 3.5. If you haven’t upgraded the plugins, do it. If you had already up to date with the plugins, try deactivating them. It works.

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