Nvidia Shield : Android Gaming Console Built on Tegra 4 Chip


Nvidia introduced an Android gaming console which is built around a powerful Tegra 4 (the next generation chip) combined with gaming controls, fast Wi-Fi and numerous games that even supports from a PC. Nvidia debuted this Project Shield android gaming console at International Consumer Electronic Show at Las vegas. The Tegra 4 chip was introduced at the CES 2013 which will power smartphones, tablets as well Shield. Nvidia has combined 72 graphics cores with a quad-core Cortex A-15 chip, which it claims offers a 2.6 times performance boost for browsing the web on mobile devices.


Nvidia gave us an example of shooting a photo in HDR that iPhone 5 takes 2 seconds, which a Tegra 4 chip device can do in 0.2 seconds. Now you get an idea about the Tegra 4 chip. Coming back to the Project Shield, the android gaming console built on Tegra 4 is a standalone gaming device that has 5 inch 720p with a multi touchscreen display.


It also has bass reflex speakers and wifi connectivity. All the games from Nvidia’s tegrazone, Android Google play are supported. In addition to games, Shield runs on Android Jelly bean. So you can check in facebook, browse web, in addition to games.


How many hours can the Shield battery last? It will run 5-10 hours on gaming and 20 hours for other stuff. It also has a HDMI port, where you can output all the content from Shield to an HDTV screen. You may ask about the Wi-Fi streaming? they are in the works. The device can play streaming games from support computer.

Some of the featured games includes ARMA tatics, Blood Sword, Burn Zombie Burn, Real boxing, Dead trigger 2 and many more. As said earlier, Shield allows you to play your favorite PC games. Only with your GeForce GTX based PC, it is compatible with Project Shield. You can play games like Assassin’s creed 3, battlefield 3, dishonored, Skyrim and many more.


Prices aren’t announced yet. You can get notified directly via Shield.nvidia.com when they announce it.

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