How to Turn a Photo Sepia in Photoshop


Sepia tone to your photos will give an antique look. Sepia effects are good for family portraits which gives a warm feeling. There are many tools available to get the sepia look on photos in one click. If you want to add sepia effects to your photos using Photoshop, here is a simple Photoshop tutorial to get sepia tone in Photoshop.

sepia effect tutorial

Photoshop Sepia Effect Tutorial

You can turn a photo into sepia tone in Photoshop easily. You can either use a Black and White photo or Color photos. Black and White photos into Sepia color will give a warmer look and feel. It will enhance its quality. There are actually many methods to turn photo sepia in Photoshop. I will show you two methods in this post.

Method 1:

Open the image in Photoshop

If it is a color image, go to Image > adjustments > de-saturate. This turns the photo into Black and white. Skip the next step and jump to point 4.

If it is already a black and white image, go to Image > Mode > RGB color.

Then go to Image > adjustments > variations. The variation window will open up.

You can see the slider Fine – Coarse. In total of 5 points, it is at center point. Now move the slider one step to your left.

sepia effect

Click more yellow one time and more red one time.

Finally click ok. You have converted your image into Sepia tone.

sepia effect family portrait

I have covered both the methods in this Photoshop tutorial video. Watch it below –

Method 2:

Open the image in Photoshop

Go to Image > adjustments > black and white.

Then go to Image > adjustments > Photo filter.

photo filter

From the drop down, select Sepia and move the density slider till you’re satisfied with Sepia effect.

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