How to Find Potential Advertisers and Sell Ad Space on Your Blog


You don’t need to own a super duper popular website to make huge bucks. Just a small blog with few loyal readers whose trust has been won by you is more enough to find potential advertisers and sell ad spaces on your blog. Bloggers put lot of hard work and time in to writing good stuff. The passion is the foremost thing that drives them, next to passion the money is what makes them to produce more professional stuff, bring quality articles that will help people who read the blog. As a blogger if you want to reap the rewards, one of the best ways is to sell ad spaces on your blog to advertisers. But, how do we find them?

Let’s keep the question aside, now the second part is do you know the advertisers love to advertise their products on blogs rather than any medium because the blogs are known for its rich content and readers engagement which attracts the advertisers to advertise on blogs than any other commercial websites. The first part of the question is, how do we find the advertisers?

advertisingThere are two ways to sell ad space on your blog: One is finding the advertiser directly by you. The next is ad networks like AdSense that has potential advertisers and you become the publisher. On each advertisement that you place on your blog, a part of commission like 25 to 30% will be taken over by the ad network and rest will be given to you. By directly finding advertisers, you can have more control over those advertisements on your site and also on the pricing factor.

Apart from these, there are many sub-classes that you can make using to sell ad spaces on your blog. Sub classes are especially for niche websites that deals only with one specific category. For example, if the blog deals only with Nokia Smartphones or writes only about pregnancy, then you can choose the advertisements or products, services of the buyer and place a banner ad on your blog. If a visitor or a reader goes and buy the product or offer the services in reference to your blog, you get a commission.

I want my blog to reach more advertisers. How?

The uniqueness is the only way to make your blog reach more audience and more advertisers. In whatever niche your blog is in, make it to hit top by writing quality stuff, target audience and more the people love your blog, more the advertisers is going to love your blog. Get into the shoes of the companies that are going to invest some bucks to buy ad spaces on your blog. You need to start thinking about the companies that would be interested in readers of your blog. Then check whether your blog has better reach to the target audience which the company wants, now you get the answer. This method is only for direct advertising.

If you write about variety of topics on your blog and you want to earn them. The best is to select an ad network and join them. So based on the articles on your blog, the ad networks will post advertisements on the blog. Finding the advertisers is no more your job. You can focus on the quality stuff and write that interests you. They will recruit the advertisers suitable for the blog and also keep track of the earnings. Always keep a need to fill for the buyer and advertiser, as well as the reader.

In my opinion, banner advertising the safest and best way to earn money through your blog and it’s the safest in long term.  To get started, you can use AdSense. When you consider AdSense, you need a decent traffic to the blog and good niche audience to earn more money. Some sites may have smaller amount of traffic, but it might be more dedicated to its loyal readers. For them, there are more ways to sell ads effectively.

How to Find Advertisers for Banner ads on blog?

Do a market research on your niche and find companies that sell products related to your blog niche. Email them politely whether they would like to advertise their product on their blog. Tell them why it would be good idea for them to advertise on your blog. Suggest them the pricing options along with your blog statistics. They would get an idea of ROI. Also provide space for other advertisers who would like to purchase banner ads on your blog. You should have a dedicated page to advertisers on your blog that should hold the key points why they should advertise along with the statistics of your blog like traffic views etc.

What Price Should I Charge for Selling Ad Spaces on my blog?

You need to price it carefully so that advertisers don’t move away to more competitive sites. Don’t overcharge, find out what your niche or competitor is charging. Only based on your traffic and loyal readership, you need to fix the price. Have different ad space positions like top leaderboard, sidebar ads, inside posts, featuring advertisers in your email list and more. Bigger the ad size, the charge should be more. You can charge it on flat monthly rate or cost per click or cost per impression. For every thousand impressions on the blog, you can charge specific price. Or when someone clicks the advertisement you can charge them specific price.

To find out the different ad sizes, you can visit the Google AdSense sample ad sizes. That should give you an idea. Apart from banner ads, you can even sell ad spaces for text based links or intext ads.

Here I wanted to quickly mention some of the ad networks to get started with:

  1. AdSense
  2. BuySellAds
  3. Tribal Fusion
  4. Infolinks
  5. Adbrite
  6. Chitika

There are few more websites where buyers (advertisers) and sellers (publishers) meet. There is no intermediate. These websites help bloggers find advertisers related to their niche which eliminates the time in researching websites. You can search for advertisers related to niche and Advertisers can search for publishers based on terms like traffic, niche etc.

How to attract more advertisers to your blog?

  1. Turn your blog into a brand. No more it’s a personal thing. Brand it everywhere. Make the advertisers feel that you are into serious business.
  2. Show off – show your blog statistics, page rank, alexa rank, and number of followers on twitter, Facebook. Don’t beg them to advertise, Show off your stats and keep quiet.
  3. Make sure you have different ad sizes to place it on your blog. Be ready to welcome any customization that the advertiser wants.
  4. Offer discounts – never let go any of the advertiser after first time.

Finally don’t have too many ads on your blog that it overrides the content. Remember, readers are our foremost target.

One simple trick to find advertisers: Do you find advertisers on your competitor’s blog? Reach them and email to find out which advertisers would like to place their ads on your blog.

What are the methods that you follow to attract advertisers to your blog? I Would love to hear from you.

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