Happy New Year! Welcome to 2013 from MadrasGeek.com


Yay! You made it and so did we. Welcome to 2013 :-)

I wanted to say Thank you to all the MadrasGeek.com visitors and wishing every reader of our MadrasGeek.com a very blessed New Year filled with amazing experiences, life changing opportunities, love, joy and divine favour in every aspect of your life.

Looking forward to all your comments, news, little tech hacks and so much more on MadrasGeek.com this year.

2013 Happy New Year

While 2012 was an odd year for this blog with lots of ups and downs, hoping for a stabilized one this 2013. You can feel free to browse through our archives anytime. But, I wanted to highlight several best posts on MadrasGeek.com.

Best of 2012 – MadrasGeek.com

1)      5 Android apps to Find Hotels at Low Price

2)      10 Websites to Print Custom Business Cards Online

3)      Quit Smoking – Here are 3 Android apps to Help you

4)      5 Websites to Get Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

5)      Host Your Blog on Dropbox – How to?

6)      5 Things to Know Before Buying a Paid app

7)      15 Tools to Measure Your Social Media Influence

8)      7 Secret Commands on Google Chrome

9)      10 Best Online File Sharing Services

10)   10 Best Ways to Find Clip Art Images for Commercial

11)   3 Best Ways to Backup Instagram Photos

12)   5 Websites to Help Against Cyber Bullying

13)   How to Remote Control Your PC with Android

14)   15 Free Creative Brainstorming Tools

15)   10 Beautiful Ways to Create Music Slideshows Online

16)   7 Magazine Style RSS Feed Reader apps

17)   Why should one use Google 2-Step Verification on Emails?

I really cannot mention the above are the best ones of 2012. I like all the posts which are written. Only if an app/addons or software interests me I write about it here on madrasgeek.com. The above mentioned posts are of list types which have two or more things bundled into one posts. There are several individual posts / reviews that might interest you.

Feel free to browse through our categories WordPress, Blogging, Photoshop, Web apps, Android / iPhone apps and many others.

Thank you all once again and Wish you a Happy New Year!

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