Best Android apps for Weight Loss with Diet Plans for Men and Women


If you’re very much body conscious about fitness and health, then weight loss is one of the toughest thing to do. With proper work out plans and balanced diet will help you lose weight. To plan your work out or fitness schedule, you need to visit a gym and hire a personal trainer. The second major part of losing weight is diet conscious. Diet plans can be made with the help of online apps and tools. There are lot of great weight loss apps, diet planners to make you aware about foods and the amount of calories that you need to burn.

Today we are going to learn about the best weight loss apps for android platform. Previously, if you had into diet programs such as GM Diet, lemon detox diet plan, Aretha franklin weight loss etc. you might get an idea of how to balance your food habits to lose weight. But, to help beginners there are quite few decent apps that are worth checking out.

People normally say one of key points to lose weight is to eat less. NO. Eating less won’t help you, rather you need to know what to eat, count your calories in your food, plan your diet and eat. Eating the right things in a balanced way can give you good results for weight loss. Here we are going to learn about 3 applications for Android that deals with Weight loss.

We are specific about Weight loss here. There are lot of great apps for Fitness freaks like My Fitness pal to give you some great knowledge about everything overall. To specific on weight loss, 3 Android apps such as Diet point, Noom Weight and Diet Assistant.

Diet Point – Weight Loss

It has the largest collection of complete diet plans and delicious meal proposals. You don’t have to hurt your taste buds to lose weight. You don’t need to eat foods that you don’t like. Learn about foods that you like and will give you good results to lose your weight. The app is designed around community of people. So you get to know about various diet plans that your friends in the community practice and you arrive in a solution what will work and what not!

diet plan

More than 2 million people around the world use this app and with its easy user interface you can plan your next meal with in seconds. The app will remind you when your next meal is and help you to stay on track. Also sends you daily tips to improve your diet.

You don’t have to worry about being a Vegetarian, because it provides free 25+ diet plans for vegetarians. If you want more you need to be a premium customer to access 150+ diet plans in 14 categories.

Noom Weight Loss Coach

Noom Weight coach is slightly different from what other apps offers. So what exactly does Noom Weight coach app does is, it gives you daily tasks to help create positive lifestyle changes for long-term weight loss. All the diet plans are personalized and gets you real results. It has exercise tracker with real time GPS and pedometer to record all your activities both inside and outside the gym. It shows you how much I need to walk and how much I have walked. Based on it, you get daily food and exercise tasks to help get to your goal. Along with these food reminders, it gives you motivational articles to keep you engaged.

Diet Assistant

diet assistant

Perfect diet planner app for android ranging diet plans across all categories of people such as vegetarian, high protein diets etc. It has forum facilities to discuss your diet plans and also get advice on your diet schedule. In built BMI calculator, weight loss manager and shopping list alerts. It works as your personal dietitian and nutritionist. Supports home screen weight too.

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