Control Movies, Music in Windows, Mac with Hand Gestures


I found a cool app. Its like a magic. Best app of the year and Whoa! am excited. The word ‘cool’ fits right in, I know it feels awesome. The desktop app called Flutter controls music, movies in PC media player with hand gestures. Just by showing your hand signs on webcam you control the play, pause, forward, previous track on the music player. Not only music, you can do the same on movies too. It supports almost all media players, Youtube, netflix too.

Guess what? Most of the times when you are watching some movie on your computer and relaxing on your couch but then you have to move up to the system to either pause or play it again. Wouldn’t it be easier if you just show hand signs to do the task? All you need is a Windows 7 operating system and a webcam. Just by installing the Flutter app which is free, it automatically detects your webcam and starts working.

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It is available for both Windows and Mac OS users. It works with Media player, Winamp, VLC, Quick time, iTunes, Grooveshark, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube. Even when you want to demonstrate PowerPoint slides, you can show hand gestures to move next PowerPoint slides.

When asked Flutter about ‘Why did you built this app?’ The company said – We hated using the keyboard or mouse for controlling music in the background or watching movies on our computers from a few feet away. So we decided to solve this problem by using hand gestures to control music and videos via the built-in webcam in your computer.

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Just by simply raising your hand in front of the webcam, it play or pause the media player. It works within 1-6 ft. 2-3ft distance it works perfectly because the cam recognizes your hand image perfectly. When your hand is detected by the webcam, it sends signal to the flutter app which converts into binary signals for the computer to understand.

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When I personally tried it out, I felt awesome. It is really cool to show off and also useful. From their growth, I can see flutter app is constantly improving and would love to see few more gesture controls to increase / decrease volume, mute, etc. Totally awesome!

Flutter is a kinect for your computer. By default the Flutter desktop app controls the media player on PC. If you want to control YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, Grooveshark etc you need to install their chrome extension. Once you’ve installed, you can configure the preferred website in the options.

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What’s so special about Flutter is, the app works even the media player is working the background. It works even when YouTube tab is not in focus. Cool isn’t it?

Download Flutter app

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  1. Really Good App, which i use for my iTunes and VLC on my Mac from months back. I suggest this app for the people who are having Laptops. Easy to control the Media player without getting up from ur bed in between the movie :)

  2. Its a great app for music lovers. I have been using this for last two years. Thanks for sharing.

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