Lock Computers with a Pattern like Pattern Phone locks for Android


Android devices have good patterns for the android lock so that no other third party person can unlock your phone without figuring out the right pattern. Similarly computers can also be locked using pattern method like in Android devices. Android phone lock security has 3 types. Default slide to unlock, password pin to unlock and pattern to unlock. For computers, you can either password protect or just keep it open. With the help of external freeware tool called Eusing Maze Lock you can setup customizable lock screen.

Eusing Maze Lock is a freeware tool that lets you to configure pattern locks for computer systems. You can configure customizable lock screen with a pattern based protection. Instead of setting up password pin to unlock your system, you can setup pattern lock to unlock PC.

Android device has a 9 point pattern. There will be total of only 9 points. So with in the 9 points, you can create your own pattern design. But, this software gives you an option to use 9, 16 or 25 point pattern to draw your pattern with a mouse.

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So what if someone tries to hack into my computer with a wrong pattern? It will give sound alarm and block access to PC for 3 minutes or you can even setup to shut down the computer. This freeware doesn’t affect or replace the default lock system in your PC also it doesn’t log off when you lock your PC.

My Opinion:

Wow! It is amazing. I have tried out many computer lock softwares and this one is pure genius. The installation file size is within 1mb and once you install, open the Maze lock. It by default sets a pattern; you can reset it and draw a new pattern. You can either select 9 points, 16 or 25 points. Draw a pattern and take a backup of it. Suppose if you forget, you can check the backup image of the pattern that you drew before.

Then Maze lock sits in the task bar tray. Right click it to see options to configure etc. Ctrl + A is the hotkey to lock your computer. In the configuration, you can auto lock at Windows start up, Auto lock computer after certain minutes of system idle, turn off the monitor after certain minutes, you can even disconnect internet when you lock the PC. You can set sound alert for several minutes when someone enters the wrong pattern.

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There is no way to enter into PC if you enter the pattern wrongly. Only after certain minutes that you’ve configured in the Maze lock, you can enter into your PC. Till then, the alarm sound will blow off your head.  The lock screen can be customized too. By default, it has some image; you can replace it with your own image.

You can watch the working demo of the software below:

Download Maze Lock

Are you a fan of Matrix? Here is the Matrix Style Computer lock software.

Guess what? You can even lock your computer screen using a Bluetooth device.

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  1. chiru says:

    i agree this is a nice locking technique.. but there may be some possibilities that even some other to open the lock by applying probability or guessing.. like swipe the the finger like “s” shape or “L” like this at some point there is is a chance to open the lock..

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