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Previously I wrote about Photovault android app that allows you to password protect your pictures in android but it’s a paid app. If you’re looking for Photo vault android alternative, Hide it pro is the best app to hide photos android. You can lock pictures, videos, audios and even android applications. You don’t need video vault app separately. Hide it pro can handle all this for free.

In my opinion, Hide it pro is best android app to hide photos. If you don’t want your friends to peep into your private pictures, videos when browsing through other photos or videos in your gallery, use this app to lock pictures.

Hide it pro is a photo locker app for android. Basically it comes as a bundle of audio manager app and Hide it pro. When you first open the app, the audio manager lets you to control volumes, ringtone, notification tones, etc. When you long press the logo of audio manager app, the Hide it pro opens up.

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You need to select the lock screen first to open the Hide it pro app. You can either use a pin based lock screen or password based lock screen. So that even your friends open hide it pro to unlock the pictures, videos that you’ve hidden, it will ask for password or pin to open it. The beauty of the app is, no one will find out the hide it pro because it is shown to public as Audio manager app when you open it up.

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Only when you long press the logo of the app, it opens up the hide it pro. Cool isn’t it? Next step is entering the recovery email. Even if you forget the password or pin, you can recover them using your email address.

How to Hide Photos and Videos in Android?

Open up your gallery, select the images that you want to hide. You can even select multiple images and use the options menu to select audio manager. That’s it. Follow the same steps if your images are located under some other folder. Use your file manager to browse through the images and lock them.

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How to hide text messages in Android?

Guess what? The hide it pro app supports various plugins. With the help of SMS and call blocker plugin, you can have your private conversations with your friends, bypassing the default messaging app.

The other features of Hide it pro app includes locking android applications, hide android apps, you can do file encryption.

How to unhide the pictures and videos from Hide it pro?

hide it pro (4)

Open up the Audio manager app, long press the logo and open hide it pro. Now go to pictures / videos and select the pictures / videos that you want to unhide and hit ok. That’s it.

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    So unlocking large number of files needs any purchase?? Because some of the apps wont let us unlock multiple item at once.

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