Schedule Bed Time Alerts For Night Owls Who Stay Up All Night on their Computer


Working on the computer without any break is not advisable. Sometimes we sit before the computer forgetting to eat, sleep etc. Just a reminder at regular intervals will help you to do your personal life tasks right? Recently found this app named Bed time help, lets you to schedule bed time alert when you’re working on the computer late at the night. Seriously, programmers have no life. When you start coding you don’t know what time it is, you forget to eat, sleep and do your routine tasks.

If you’re a parent and want to control your children accessing computers late at the night without sleeping, this Bed time app can help you. So what exactly does the app do? This app ensures that we log off the computer at the right time that we want so that we get sufficient time for the sleep. This is much needed for those night owls, who stay up all night every night on their PC and find it really difficult to achieve their goals or routines, because they stay up all night on the computer.

I will explain how bed time help works. You have installed the software already on your computer. Now open bed time help and set the timer. Say for example: You need to sleep at 11 PM. Set the timer to 11 pm. Set the reminder to alert you before 1 hour and also send reminders every 15 minutes or so. You can set the reminder message too.

Now what if you ignore these reminders? You can set to suspend the system when you ignore these reminders. Also when you don’t switch off the computer before 11 PM, the software waits for 5 minutes after the configured bed time i.e.; 11.05 PM and call to action suspends. You can either wait for 5 minutes to make action or you can automatic suspend when the bedtime is reached.

bed time sleeper

You can suspend the computer either by going into hibernate mode, shut down etc. If you’re a geek, trying to kill the software using task manager, you have an option called Addict mode in bed time help. So when you tick this option, the task manager is automatically disabled when the time is reached.

Apart from the bed time scheduling feature, I found this app to be the best auto shutdown software.

Download Bed time help

If you’re like me who loves to work at nights (because of less distractions), I recommend few softwares to protect your eyes.

1. It automatically adjust the brightness of your computer monitor screen – Flux

2. EYE Break – Interesting utility to alert you little breaks between your work.

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