5 Things to do After Installing Windows 8


Windows 8 is at the center stage thanks to its sophisticated and enhanced features. If you are wondering what to do after installing Windows 8, read the following beneficial steps which will work wonders for you.

Windows 8 App Store

App store has been officially launched by Windows 8 with enhanced features as it is synonymous with Metro style applications which have been built for new OS. It also has applications which enhance the functioning even further apart from having social networking sites, games etc. The future of Windows 8 in tablet market is regarded to be quite bright. Therefore, the App store integration stand out to be quite a beneficial thing as well. You can download Metro apps from App store and each of the programs has its own updater which work wonders by solving the third party issues of installations.

windows 8

Better be safe than sorry by creating a “Recovery Drive”

Safety should not be overlooked and therefore it is imperative to prepare yourself for any sort of eventuality by creating a recovery drive. Being a bootable USB drive, it consists of varied tools which assist Windows to 8 resume its operations without creating any sort of problems in the process. If in case you are devoid of a USB stick or your computer could not boot, you also have the option of creating a bootable CD/DVD.

Metro Interface

Metro Interface stands out to be the biggest change which can be found in Windows 8. It replaced the default desktop screen which was synonymous in earlier version on windows. As you are on the Home screen of Windows 8, you will have the luxury of getting Metro User Interface filled with Tiles. Thereby, you will be able to access Games, Internet explorer, photos videos, and music by “one click access”. Touch users have to use swapping while for those on desktop, you need to resort to scrolling option.

Windows 8 Charms Bar

Charms bar can be accessed from any application by the users. They function like Windows 8 toolbar. It has been added in this version and for accessing the same; you need to move the cursor either on top or bottom of screen. It can equally be accessed by using shortcut Windows + C. It stands out to be quite helpful towards fulfilling various operations like share, search, and start along with settings. It is displayed as a vertical bar on right side and there is a small bar which pops up which shows time and date as well.

User Session on Multiple Devices

Windows 8 is able to synchronize data, settings, and bookmarks along with history. It does on tablets and Windows 8 computers especially if you only sign from Windows live account. Hence, the moment you make your choice, your data is easily synchronized and hence you have the luxury of accessing it from multiple devices. Thereby, this paves the way for you in getting the feeling of the same personal computer on other devices of yours as well.

Hence, Windows 8 proves to be a much enhanced version with respect to Windows 7. Have it and experience ease like never before.

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