What I learned from the F Stop Camera Store in Chennai


I just got my first DSLR and am very excited. On the process of deciding which digital camera to buy I was looking out for some good suggestions. I was very confused, then came into conclusion that I need to decide between the popular brands Nikon vs. Canon. I am not going to argue which is superior. Instead in general what should one know before buying your first digital camera?

I am located in Chennai, South India. I was lucky that one of my friends who own a camera store (F Stop) in Chennai guided me in the right direction to buy me a good digital camera. He explained me some simple facts about cameras and lenses which most of the people overlooked or misunderstood. I just want to share them with you all.

There is a big myth that the best cameras are the most expensive ones. There is no best camera. It all depends upon the kind of photography that you wish to take and the camera is most suitable to it.

Another myth is the higher the megapixel size, better the quality. Often with larger megapixel, only advantage is you can use it for big print size.

Some of the world’s most renowned photographers use very basic equipment to capture the beautiful frames. So at the end, perfect composition using light well and capturing the right moment is more important than the expensive camera you buy.

Choose the camera according to your need. If you want to learn more, get a mid-range dslr and spend the money on the lenses.

Don’t buy all the equipment’s at first. Initially get the basic gear and kit lens with it. Start learning and the photography dictates the kind of equipment you buy. Photography equipment and technology improves every few months.

Spend on the right accessories. If you’re into serious photography, spend on a sturdy tripod, filters, small flashgun and lenshood. They will radically improve your photography.

For beginners, image stabilization feature will help you to avoid shaky images. So when you decide to buy a dslr, check for the features that will improve your photography and don’t concentrate on some fancy features that are not basically necessary. Fancy features like revolving lcd screen, dual SD card slots etc. Again what is fancy and not is decided based on your requirement.

People often recommend high ISO gear. But it’s a myth. An ISO setting up to 1600 is good enough for most situations. Usually dslr has ISO range from 50 to 25600. Choose again depending upon your photography.

If you’re getting your first DSLR, always invest in a mid-range DSLR and get quality lenses. Also don’t invest on the lenses initially. When you first buy the dslr, get the gear with the kit lens. You can get external charger, UV filters and few other accessories. For beginners, this is what I suggest. Once you get used to the basics of photography, you can purchase the lenses based on your interest of photography.

Finally, before you buy your first dslr camera, learn about it. Owning a dslr is like owning a car. If you don’t maintain it properly, problems will follow later. So learn how to handle your dslr in a proper way. Learn the basics right. Ask the camera store guy and learn how to clean it right away.

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