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Previously I had written about Facebook cover photos and websites to download funny creative Facebook cover photos. Twitter has recently made few changes to their web interface. Do you know? They introduced instagram like photo filters to their twitter mobile app. Also in web interface you can find changes to twitter profile headers. You can upload an image as a header to your twitter profile. When someone visits your twitter profile, a header image will be displayed behind your details like name, bio, links etc.

In the race between Facebook and Google+, twitter was only left out with the header cover images. Now with its new addition, you can add cover photos to your profile headers. Already Facebook and Google+ have option to customize header photos for profiles and pages. With this new option many twitter users were quick to unleash their creativity to create a custom image for the header of your profile.


Twitrcovers is a directory of interesting twitter header images which are pre-designed. Similar to websites that we have for Facebook cover photos, this one is for twitter. When you hover above images on you can find out how it will appear on your profiles. The site has variety of headers organized by categories.

If you haven’t aware about this feature on twitter, you can simply activate the header images for your twitter profile just by visiting > settings > design > change header image. Upload an image and save the changes.

Twitrcovers – You will love it for sure. You can select the image, keep it as your twitter header image or twitter profile background image. If you’re slightly geeky (root directories and path folders are open :P), you can save the original image and keep it as your Facebook cover picture.

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