Tweetdeck Unable to connect please check your network Error Solved


For the past few days when I try to connect Tweetdeck, it says unable to connect. Please check your network. When decided to seek assistance, I found a solution to this error. If you’re like me facing this tweetdeck error “Unable to connect please check your network” – this is because of Windows 7 OS has some trouble accepting SSL Certificates from certain apps. So here is the solution.

Are you running Tweetdeck on Windows 7 and not able to connect? Did you get the error “Unable to connect please check your network”. Then follow the below instructions to get rid of this error.

Exit tweetdeck application and open Internet explorer browser. Now visit using your Internet explorer browser. Once IE accepts the secure server license by reaching the page (where you get some random text,numbers on the page) then Windows should connect in all other applications related to twitter.

Now finally close internet explorer and reopen tweetdeck. It should work now!

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