The Most Viewed YouTube Videos in 2012 India


While most of the businesses are analyzing its balance sheet, YouTube is no exception. YouTube publishes the list of most viewed videos in 2012 in India. It not only restricts with India alone, but also in the world and in many countries. If you visit today you could find a change in their logo (Gangnam style dance).

YouTube Rewind 2012 is exactly what the audience liked everything on the internet in the year 2012. Unsurprisingly with close to 1 billion views on YouTube PSY’s Gangnam style is the most watched video on the internet in 2012.

The YouTube Rewind 2012 India goes with URL – if you want to find out the most viewed videos of other countries, replace theyearinreview ending IN with FR for france, UK for united kingdom, BR for brazil, AR for argentina, ES for spain, CO for Colombia, ME for Arabic, RU for Russia and GR for Greece.

When we talk about India, PSY Gangnam style is the most viewed video and Yo Yo Honey singh’s Brown Rang song emerging as the most trending video of the year in India in 2012. Bollywood continues to hit the charts for the most viewed songs and trailers.

The Google India blog post on Youtube review talks about the all trending songs, channels etc. Tseries, Eros entertainment, Rajshri are few among the top subscribed channels in India. Apart from this, YouTube has also listed the most watched TV shows, movie trailers in 2012.

So what determines the ranking of a video? Not just views, likes, shares and searches alone define a video a hit. YouTube extends far beyond it. To end with stats, people watch 4 billion hours of video every month on YouTube.

Watch the YouTube Rewind Style video by the man behind Gangnam Style.


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  1. Ankit M. says:

    PSY’s Gangnam style crossed 1 billion views and have you noticed the little PSY icon dancing besides the number of views. This is something new that I have seen from YouTube. :)

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