Not getting Adsense account approved? Here is the probable reason


Adsense is one of the most popular and better paying ad network. Being the part of Google empire, Adsense gains immense credibility. The best part about Adsense is its always full ad inventory. So it has too many advantages. That is the reason why almost every blogger wants to get Adsense account. But getting Adsense is not so easy.

Almost every person on this planet is fond of those slick mobiles and those fancy electronic gadgets.  At same time there are “OH SO MANY” who knows how to install WordPress? Here is the catch. This has lead to steep rise in number of tech blogs. Out of every 10 new bloggers, 7 are tech bloggers.

Adwords advertisers pay per clicks or impressions. They serve their ads via Adsense network. As  Adsense is contextual advertising network, so there has to be some balance between number of advertisers and publishers in any particular niche. If this balance is not maintained, entire advertising ecosystem in that particular niche may collapse . Let us say there are 100 tech related advertisers. To maintain proper CPC, there can be 200 or let us say 300 publishers. What if there 1000 publishers and only 100 advertisers? Advertisers have huge space to advertise which leads to lower CPC. This was just an example and we can’t actually know the exact ration.
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Secondly, in tech arena, there are so many big guns like TechCrunch and There are sufficient number of medium size publishers like Digital Inspiration, ShoutMeLoud and Madras Geek. I am limiting my discussion to India. If we move out, we may get many more such examples. With so many quality sites  covering tech topics, it becomes difficult for a newbie to get something unique. Adsense won’t approve your site unless it has something which other billions of tech blogs don’t have. If you are that kind of tech geek, you stand a chance. But if your site is about mobile reviews and other trite stuff, Adsense may not approve you at this stage.

Is this official announcement?

No. But this is my observation. Since past one year, hardly any tech blog managed to get the approval.

Similar is the scenario with cooking and recipe sites. If you are some “pro cook” and toss up your own recipes  that is good. But if you are just reading cook books and rehashing that on your site, you are not writing something new. There are chances that other site already covers that topic in better way.  Further, with recipie site, there is an inherent problem. Adsense works on automation using bots. They find it difficult to understand the meaning of list of  ingredients like 1 kg chana, 2 kg rice and so one. It seems meaningless to them.

Similar issues have been observed with sites that deal with money making. Honestly, most of the “how to get RICH quickly” are scams. No one buys your stuff.

Lastly educational niche seems to be in hot waters. If you are from India, you must have seen sites that allows you to download questions papers for “free”. Remember that Adsense prohibits publishers to sell or distribute coursework and student essays.  So if you are letting people download that sort of stuff, you stand no chance.

So if you are working on these topics, please try to get something new. Just make search for these topics in Google and ask yourself if you have the capacity to squeeze through the existing competition? If yes, do it and then Adsense MAY approve you.

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Trushit Vaishnav is a blogger at The Teachy Teacher. He writes about using technology effectively in the field of education. He also teaches Math at his YouTube channel.


  1. Very true friend, in India mostly we go for tech site, educational site where competition is more but still we do so and Adsense approval is getting harder these days……..

  2. Success shots are placed here…

    A good guide for beginners . Thanks for sharing bro

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