How to Change File Date and Time Stamp in Photos?


Any photo you take using your digital camera, DSLR it records the EXIF data with it. EXIF data is exchangeable image file format that stores all the information like meta tags, geo location, date, resolution, ISO, exposure, flash, shutter speed, aperture value etc. When you right click an image on the computer and go to its properties > details tab – you can find all the information about the image. Among all the information, date of the photo is very important. It reminds you when it was taken with the exact date and time details.

These data’s are normally engraved into the photos and are not meant to be changed. However, if you want to change the data of the photo taken because of reasons like your camera device was not set up the correct date etc. you can easily change the date of the photo in the EXIF data. There is free software to do the task.

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EXIF Date Changer is a small piece of free software that allows you to change the date and time attributes of the exif data stored in your digital photos. This allows you to rectify the errors caused by incorrect camera settings.

You can change the date and time one by one or batch update the changes. You can rename the files by including the date and time taken. This helps you to sort better way and organize your photos. This free utility not only takes digital photos as inputs, you can even change the date and time in scanned photos. You can watermark your images too.

Once you’ve installed the EXIF Date changer, you need to select the images folder and set the destination folder to save the newly edited photos. You can both change date and time by adjusting it backward or forward few hours or minutes or exact time and specific date.


You can filter images that are taken on specific date or from specific camera if you’re using images from multiple cameras in the same folder. In the options tab you can add caption, copyright information and rename files.

Download EXIF Date Changer

Once you’ve organized your photo with the EXIF date changer, you can use Snapjoy  – a photo backup on the cloud service that brings all your photos on instagram, Flickr, Picasa, iPhone, PC/Mac everything into an organized structure. It organizes your photo by date (EXIF data). If your photo doesn’t have exif information, it won’t work. Currently Snapjoy has stopped signups as part of their dropbox integration. Hope they revamp asap.

How to remove exif data from photos?

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