How to Add HTML Code in WordPress Blog Post?


Adding HTML Code in WordPress page or post isn’t a hard thing. For beginners, they find it difficult to paste HTML code in WordPress post or page. You can easily embed html code in WordPress. It doesn’t mess up your WordPress post or page when you post the raw HTML codes.

RAW HTML Plugin for WordPress is pretty interesting which allows you to use HTML codes and tags in your posts without having WordPress disable it using smart quotes and other automatic formatting schemes.

Sometimes you may want to post a block of code in your article, WordPress messes up the process by implementing automatic formatting. This plugin creates a clear cut boundary and tells WordPress not to touch the tags in the page’s body.

This plugin comes handy when you wanted to post a piece of javascript or CSS code in your tutorial article. You simply need to insert the codes between [raw] [/raw] tags.

RawHTML will also add new checkboxes to the “Edit Post” screen that let you disable certain WP filters on a per-post basis. This way you can:

Disable wptexturize (the function that creates smart quotes and other typographic characters).

Disable automatic paragraph creation.

Disable image similes.

Disable convert_chars (the function that converts ampersands to HTML entities and “fixes” some Unicode characters).

Try Raw HTML plugin from plugins repository. Don’t forget, you need to put your codes between the [raw] your code here.. [/raw] tags.

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