How to Create Google+ Community – Share Discussions, Plan Events and Start Hangouts


Recently Google+ launched its new feature called Google+ community. For the first time when I heard the word Community, I remembered the golden days of Orkut communities where I used to learn lot of stuff. Orkut was the forerunner of social networks. One of the main strengths of Orkut is communities. There was lot of knowledge learning communities and equally useless ones.

Google+ brings back the communities feature to start a private or public membership forum to support all kind of groups from topics and interests to local neighborhoods to regular poker nights. Google+ communities are something similar to Facebook groups. If you haven’t used Orkut, then for better understanding, they are similar to Facebook groups.

In Google+ communities you can start discussion to find the conversations you care about most and you can add people to communities, make it public or private and plan events, start Google+ hangouts etc. It’s ultimately to connect with like-minded peoples of similar interests. You can talk about the stuff you’re into with people who love it too.

Facebook is full of people you know, Google+ is full of people who you want to know. You can create communities and invite people to join. Or you can join in your favorite communities already existing there.

Sharing on Google+ Communities:

So, when you browse, read something on the web, you can instantly share the article or stuff that you read on the web to the community you’re in. Google+ already had the option to +1 on the web to specific Google+ circles, now you can share to specific communities that you’re in.

Guide to Create Google+ Communities:

Navigate to this link to start create Google+ communities.

You can either create a public community or private club. Public communities are open to the world. Private communities, only invited members can join the community and see what’s shared.

Name the community and select whether people can find your community when they search for it.

Now fill the details, add categories, about data etc. Next step is inviting people to join your private community. You can either invite people from your circles or add individual names or email addresses.

You can create event, start hangouts etc. Totally fun place!

Examples of Google+ Communities:

If you’re a blogger, webmaster – you can use Google+ communities to start a Webmaster community or Google analytics community to discuss about things going on. Mostly useful for Food bloggers, Photography enthusiasts and people who love to debate on latest technologies and for people who like to discuss and share things with all like-minded fellows.

Adding Members to Google+ Communities:

Unlike Facebook, people cannot add you in random groups. If someone invites you to join a Google+ community, only with your approval you can be a member of that Google+ community.

Communities feature is really a plus on Google+.

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