Find Out How many Domain Names an Individual or Company Owns


Out of curiosity when I come across any interesting domain name, I wanted to investigate how many other domain names an individual has or company owns. With a domain whois lookup you can easily find out the owner of the domain name. If he has privacy protection, then it just shows where it is been registered. For example: Godaddy, Name cheap etc. How do we find what are the other domain names that a specific individual or company owns? Today we are going to learn it.

Reverse IP Lookup

With this you can find all the websites that the owner hosts on the same server. This method works only with dedicated servers. If it’s a shared server, then other 50-60 domains hosted under the same server will also appear. To find the IP of a particular website, you can open run > cmd > type ping It will display the ip address. Or you can even use Reverse IP lookup tools online to find the sites hosted on the same web server.

Google Analytics code

This is just an idea and not a sure method to know all the domains of particular individual or company. Because, every one doesn’t necessarily integrate Google analytics, but from one of its domain, you can check the source code to find the unique analytics id and use Google to search for similar websites having the same ID. For example: UA-13003109-1

Similarly you can also track the domains based on the Adsense Publisher ID, Chitika, Amazon, Yahoo publisher network, Kontera etc.

You can find the domains hosted by searching with website url, ip address, google adsense id, google analytics id. It discloses websites with the same google adsense account, google analytics code, yahoo publisher account, yandex direct account. Simply enter website url, google adsense or google analytics code and find out what resourses belong to the same owner.

It will help you to spy on your competitors. You get notified about secret sites as soon as competitors register a domain. You can find out what top affiliates and SEOs are working on now. It’s similar to

These are some ways to find out. If you have any other idea on finding domains owned by an individual or company, do let us know.

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