Draw a Tweet & Take Me to a Useless Website Please


I seriously don’t know how to title this blog post. I found 2 fun web apps that doesn’t provide you with useful information but helps you to just show off. One is draw a tweet app and another is the useless web app that takes you to useless websites around the web. Draw a Tweet allows you to send tweet drawing. I am not sure if you may have come across the kind of drawing tweets in your timeline.

This is how it looks –

Go to http://www.drawatweet.com/ and fill up the box with the stylus. If you make a mistake you can delete with the eraser option. You can clear the full screen with bomb icon. If you don’t have any idea what to do with it, click the random button.

Why should you use this service? It seeks little more attention from your followers.

The second of app of the day is ‘Take me to a useless website please’ – The useless web app

Every day I start off with some useless websites that gives me some energy before I get to work and start my stuff seriously. This is one of the best resources I had come across. You should definitely bookmark it. The website takes you to some random useless sites. Have fun!

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