Convert Your WordPress Site into Membership Site with Payment Gateways


There are few plugins that do a very solid job and keep all its promises. If you ever wanted to create a membership site with payment gateways, this wordpress plugin will do the task easily. What is membership site? How is it different from ordinary WordPress site? If you’re an expert in something and you want to go beyond just blogging it online – you need to create a membership site where the user pays to enter the site and view your content. The secondary part of this post is what makes you to create a membership site and who should create it. But primary part is, if you want to create a membership site by integrating payment gateways you can achieve the task in WordPress platform.

InfusionWP / iMember360 is a handy plugin that easily converts your WordPress site into a membership site completely with membership levels, payment status, passwords, subscriber data, etc. You can control content access and fairly easy to setup and they provide videos to get you where you need.

membership-wordpress site
It offers different features like site access based on live data from Infusionsoft, login automatically fails if payment failed and you can always use alternative login authentication procedure for WordPress, assign multiple membership levels on a site, any number of sites can use a single license and each membership level can be assigned a separate login page, WordPress page, theme etc.

You can protect content based on membership levels and other advanced customization for content protection. Regarding payment gateways – it creates a shopping cart on any page or post using shortcodes. Purchase some shopping cart WordPress themes, use iMember360 and there you go!

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  1. Very good, thank for post!

  2. Nice post. WordPress has now grown so big that you can create almost anything using it. It can now be used to make article directories, social networks(using buddypress), ecommerce website and what not.


  3. marcus says:

    Based on your review, this sounds like a good membership plugin? Is this plug in free or is there a one time payment? mark

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