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Recently one of my friends wanted to sell his digital SLR camera and few zoom lenses. He announced it on social media sites like Facebook, twitter but got a very poor response. I asked him to try olx.in, the largest place for free classified ads worldwide. Within 2 days, he sold his photography gear.

OLX is the largest place for free classifieds ads in India and worldwide. Its aim is to provide a simple, fast, effective and safe solution to the buying and selling goods and services, regardless of the user’s location. OLX is available in more than 96 countries and in 40 different languages. As I am from India, OLX.in is one of the best places on the internet to buy or sell your products.

There are many e-commerce sites to buy new products. When you wanted to buy or sell your used products, OLX is my first choice. OLX India is answer to your online shopping needs. So what makes OLX a super hit? It makes you to get connected with your own locality. You can find stuff to buy or sell on your locality.

OLX is a free website. Just register a free account and start using it. Once you had created your account, you can shop, sell your products and post free classifieds. OLX is not only related to products alone, you can meet new friends, hire people, find jobs etc. It’s overall a friendly community. It has wide variety of categories ranging from books, business, cameras, clothing, computers, electronics, health and beauty, jewelry, sports, musical instruments, vehicles cars, car spare parts, bikes, boats, ships, trucks, real estate houses, apartments, shops, offices for rent, services like baby sitter, event services, repair works, writing editing persons, carpool, musicians, jobs on all categories, matrimonial etc. If there is something on earth, you can buy or sell on OLX.

When talking about the OLX user interface. Highly friendly, rich design with clean interface. You can control your buying, selling stuff easily. The mobile interface is cool and you can view OLX in your local language too. As I said above, you can find the seller at your nearest locality and bargain.

To spread its popularity among offline people, OLX ad campaigns are huge hit among internet people. Have you ever seen the OLX.in ads on your television? The catchy ads show how OLX plays an important role in day-to-day activities.

The Indian ad campaign target huge number of Indian customers which is themed “Sab Kuch Bikta Hai” which means everything sells here focuses on Indian middle class by adding lot of values to their lives. You can watch the TV ad below –

They have become a sensation on the television. The above ad for OLX India where the lady hums badi badi baatein karte the song. The concept is based on the insight that men in their middle age make many unnecessary purchases and make tall claims to use the products but rarely do so. Their wives are aware of this trait and thereby pull their leg about it. The underlying message of the ad campaign displays a typical Indian household setting which greatly impacts the Indian viewers and their lives.

The idea is to make OLX.in the first name that comes to your mind when you wish to sell something you don’t need lying around the house. Check out the website OLX.in for deals and also you can view their YouTube channel for more videos.

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    not ebay? best verified buyers, and you pay only a 1% fee?

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