Android Assistant App with 18 Features to Improve Android Phone Performance


On the past, I had written a lot about apps to improve android performance and how to improve battery life on android phones. Today, found one similar app Android Assistant which has 18 features built in to boost up your android phone. With 18 features and options to customize, home screen widgets you can totally control your android phone with just few taps.

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Android Assistant app has some 18 features that can boost up the performance of android phones. You can manage all the settings and tools from one interface. You can monitor the status of your phone cpu, memory, battery etc. Also it has got the auto boost and quick boost options that can speed up your phone process.

Once you install the app, open it. You can see 3 tabs. Monitor, Process and Tools. Under monitor tab you can get the CPU info, memory RAM info, battery info, phone space info, SD card info. Below it you have the option to hit quick boost. It cleans up items and boost up the memory.

Under process tab, you can see all the running applications. Similar to task manager on computer, you can kill selected apps, refresh it without killing etc.

Under tools you have around 13 tools such as Volume controller, ringer, battery saver, cache cleaner, system clean, file manager, batch installer, uninstaller, startup manager, battery use, system info, APP 2 SD, app backup and restore.

The CPU and memory info is displayed in real time allowing you to monitor the performance of the system. The cache cleaner removes all cache files and frees up space on your phone. System cleaner will clean browser history, clipboard, history, Market, Gmail, Google Earth, and Google Map.

The battery saver has options to quickly switch on/off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, auto-sync, automatic orientation, haptic feedback, and adjusts the brightness and standby time to save battery power.

File Manager considers all files from the SD card. You can browse, rename, delete, or search, but also create a new file or folder. Startup Manager turns off unnecessary applications that launch at startup. This improves the performance of your device and prevents overuse of battery.

You can use widgets on your home screen to access quickly. Instead of installing several apps to carry on different task, you can install this one app and it does various tasks.

Try Android Assistant app on play store.

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