Add Virtual Tattoo Designs Online to your Photos


Stumbled across a fun web application that allows us to add tattoo designs virtually to your photos.  On the Internet you can morph, add fun effects to your photos easily. There is lot of apps that helps us achieving the task easier. You can write text on photos, add funny effects and objects to your images and more. What is less common on the internet is adding tattoo designs to your bodies virtually.

If you work well with Photoshop software, you can easily add tattoo designs to your photos, for a beginner and general user, the apps allows you to add tattoo designs in one click. You don’t need any design skill, just upload your photos, select the design, move where you need it to be and that’s it.

And for this you have two options: upload a photo of you, or take advantage of all available images that will give you an overview realistic. Once this is done, it is time to choose a tattoo from all available categories, and there are an infinite, so that there is something for everyone.

You can also select the text, and fully customize the tattoo of your dreams in a few clicks. You’ll also be able to place it accurately on your body, in terms of size, position, and location. Your result will be very realistic, and you will get a very clear idea of what future tattoo will look like in your body.

Finally you can download and print the design. Give it to the original tattoo designer artist and get them on your body.

The web app is totally in French, if you’re using Chrome it automatically translates into English.

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