Win 100GB Dropbox Space by Sharing Your Story


Recently dropbox has announced that it has surpassed 100 million users. To celebrate it, it has announced a contest for dropbox users to win 100GB space for lifetime if you’re into Top 10. If you’re into Top 100 then you could win 10GB space for lifetime.

Dropbox now has more than 100 million users serving billion files every day. With the introduction of dropbox, many of our lives had become easy. You can store everything on the cloud and retrieve them anywhere and at any time. People around the web had already shown many unique ways to use dropbox. If you’re using services like IFTTT then you can connect your dropbox with other social apps and make innovative use of it.

As a gratitude to its users, dropbox wants to hear stories from its 100 million users. You can share your stories on how dropbox is helpful in your life and day to day activities. One user has said “Since I use Dropbox, I don’t take my home laptop to work or work around with USB sticks in my bag, Dropbox syncs it all”. You can read other people stories here.

From the stories I read, most of the users use dropbox to share pictures and sync their photo album. Apart from it, you can organize notes, videos, documents (instead of mailing your class students, you can share it via dropbox and every student can access it.)

So, now it’s your turn. Share your own stories about the reasons for using dropbox. You may win 100GB space for lifetime. To share your story, visit dropbox/100m

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