Useful WordPress Plugin For WordPress Theme Testers and Developers


I stumbled upon a WordPress plugin which is useful for developers and testers. If you’re creating a WordPress theme, while testing it out on a dummy server you need content on the dummy site to check how the theme fits in. So, developers and testers on WordPress platform create several posts, pages, tags, categories, comments etc. to check the WordPress theme.

Basically I use an xml file which has all the contents, tags, categories pre-loaded. So whenever I install a new WordPress, jus import the plugin and the content will display instantly. Found an alternative to this, Duplicate WordPress plugin.

Duplicate WordPress plugin will create duplicate posts in one click. In order to test if everything is working according to specification, you can clone a post in one click. First create a post, fill the title, content, tags, categories, custom fields, featured images etc. Then with clone function it creates a copy of it.

Testing post pages across two different domains or theme setups can be time consuming. This plugin provides you with a nice shortcut that frees you up to do more with your time. If you’re going to put up multiple WordPress sites and you need to test them to make sure that everything displays properly on the themes you’re using, grab this plugin.

Once you’ve installed the plugin, open your dashboard > all posts. You can find the clone button below each post beside edit, quick edit, trash, view etc. When you click the clone, it copies an exact draft of it. Then click the quick edit on the new post and change the draft to published and update it.

In the settings of plugin, you can configure copy post/page time, status, excerpts, attachments, if you want to leave out any tags or categories etc. If you want to differentiate the post or page from original one, you can add title prefix and suffix to the cloned post or page.

You can also allow clone a post or page from dashboard, post list, edit screen in the preview pane and from the admin bar.

Download Duplicate Post

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