Tweet More, Blog Less – Is The Trend Changing?


Earlier today, I had some random thoughts about the trend which I see these days. People who’re blogging all their thoughts have shifted slowly to twitter. All their thoughts are now into 140 characters tweets. Here am not talking about professional bloggers who blog for money. People who was blogging their random thoughts, daily life moments, some interesting conversations and happenings in their life now almost started tweeting those stuff within 140 characters and sharing pics using Twitpic, Instagram etc. They have adapted themselves to the latest trend.

I guess twitter gives them enough fun to get instant feedback, conversation with their friends, readers when they publish their thoughts. Is twitter a mini blog? Well actually yes it is. The real secret to using Twitter effectively is to think of it as a miniature blog. Sure, some people will use it to tell the world what they had for dinner, but as an internet marketer or pro bloggers, you got an altogether different purpose for it.

In fact starting to tweet on regular basis will actually make everything you write on your blog tighter. You bring up all your thoughts into 140 characters and when you wanted to write a blog post, you run out of ideas/words.

Well you certainly have lot more freedom with your blog than twitter. Because, with the recent incidents on Twitter and Facebook in India is atrocious. The right to freedom of speech is being taken down. A simple tweet against Indian politicians will land you up in jail.

Keeping it aside, has the trend changed? Do people love to tweet more and blog less? Few years back had a list of favorite blogs. I used to daily read and enjoy the posts. But today, all my favorite bloggers completely shifted to twitter. Now I am enjoying by reading their creative tweets on current topics.

Apart from them, some serious pro bloggers have started to share their thoughts on twitter and all their blog posts have just become news. For example: A product launch – take some mobile phone launch. Their blog posts are only about the product launch, price, specification, features etc.

But the real thoughts about the product and comparison with its competitor had shifted as tweets. I guess you can understand the point which am trying to convey here. The real thought about something is being told as tweets than on a blog post.

So the advantage of using twitter to convey your thoughts than writing it as a blog post is it allows you to get in touch with anyone else on the web instantly. Twitter provides you a medium to make sure that all your readers, followers and celebrities read your tweets or recognize you easily for your tweets. It also appeals to all those people who simply don’t have the time to keep up with the blog.

I understand the advantage of a blog; it allows you to write down your thoughts in depth. But then, if you’re a person who is much interested in tweeting your thoughts in less than 140 characters, you can use twitter and at times you can write it on your blog. Finally leave the blog URL in twitter bio. So when people find you on twitter, they get to see your blog and decide whether to jump into the blog to read.

My personal thought is twitter can never overtake blogs. Both blog and twitter are two different mediums anytime. Twitter is famous for its brevity and it’s a huge benefit. Twitter can always act as a forerunner to your blog. If you’re a serious pro blogger making money, then you shouldn’t replace the standard blog. It should go hand in hand with it, and those who really understand that link will do well with both.

If you’re just going to write down random thoughts, you can very well become popular on twitter. It will make you a twitter celebrity. I have seen many people who were once a creative blogger, now a twitter celebrity. Their 140 characters or less tweets become popular that it is been shown on media, quoted on newspapers and TV channels. So when mainstream media quotes from twitter tweets, people go crazy!

I am not sure whether I’ve put all the points in a right order. These are some random thoughts on hibernating blogs and tweeting more often. Not boasting that everyone should tweet instead of writing it on their blogs. But, the trend has really changed. When people have started to put their thoughts under 140, they don’t have enough to write on their blogs once again.

Twitter is really more of a social chat tool than real blogging. With all that real time feedback from your readers, twitter is definitely an enhancement for bloggers and not a replacement. These are some points that I can imagine as of now. I don’t know how to take this more. So if you have some valid points about this, do share with me through comments section below. I would love to hear your opinion on twitter vs. blogging.

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  1. umashankar says:

    Who gives money for tweets
    ??, no no am not talking about sponsored tweets.

  2. I echo your sentiments. Twitting and blogging are different things that go hand-in-hand. If you want to jot down your thoughts as they happen, use Twitter. If you want to elaborate further on your tweet or another thing, blog it. Either medium allows you to send your message across.

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