Sortable Decision Engine: Compare Gadgets before Buying the Right One


Normally when we decide to buy a Gadget, first thing we do is research about it online. Be it DSLR, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and TVs. First thing is to check out its review, ratings etc. At the end of day, once again we end up between two or three products which have equal features and price tag. So how will you decide the right gadget for you?

Sortable is a new app or decision engine. Yes, they call it as decision engine because it helps you to take right decision. It mainly focuses on five things. DSLR cameras, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and TVs. The info graphic study tells us that 87% of the people research about a product online before buying it. But trying the basic Google search won’t be helpful in most cases because, it shows lots of results that might be biased or irrelevant to what you need actually.

So websites like Sortable comes into action. It’s a decision engine that people would want to use. It shows comparison between products that you choose. If you’re so confused to select the product, then set your budget and it will display the best products at the price tag that you’ve set. – three features. Sort, Compare and Discuss. It allows you to sort down the products under various criteria. Next you can compare with the equal relevant product and finally you can discuss, read reviews and find ratings about the product.

It also shows some popular comparisons between products. If you take Tablets, it shows some popular tablet comparison like Apple iPad 3 vs. iPad 2, Galaxy tab vs. iPad mini, Google Nexus 7 vs. Kindle Fire HD etc. You can use their search form to find out the product and then select it to read its review or compare it with other products.

I did a comparison between Google Nexus 7 8GB vs. Amazon Kindle Fire HD. First it shows the images of two tablet devices. Along with it the price, main features and a short review from users. Then below it, you can find the graph data of both the tablet devices. It shows the winner in each segment like features, popularity, performance, reviews etc. If you consider my example, then it shows Google Nexus 7 as a clear winner.

It also shows some detailed information on Features, screen size, screen resolution, processor, performance, differences between each device, advantages compared to each device and finally some reviews from trusted sources like Verge, Cnet, and Amazon etc. If you have no idea about the equivalent tablet device, then you can learn about the competition.

Similarly, shows all the comparisons and features for each and every product in the market. Be it DSLR, Tablets, Laptops, Smartphones and more.

I highly recommend this site to bookmark and very useful when you’re planning to buy gadgets. The festival season is near and it may be useful for you to find the right gadget to gift it to your loved ones.

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  1. Anurag says:

    This sounds pretty useful. How do you stumble on these useful links? :)

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