Remove Date and Time on WordPress Posts, Categories, Tags with Date Exclusion SEO


If you want to remove date on WordPress posts, tags and categories – here is a quick way without dealing with WordPress codes. A simple WordPress plugin does the job easily. It can hide the date posted on each of your blog post to a user specified number of days to give your post a feeling of freshness.

It has options to remove date entries on posts, categories, tags, as well on the front page of your blog. Some people like to repost the old blog posts as a way to give hot topics of the past an extra spin. It helps you to hide the date from the readers.

If your blog doesn’t deal with current topics, events or news then you can remove dates from blog posts. If you’re writing one or two posts per week, removing dates will help it look cleaner and less than antique look as well.

Date Exclusion SEO WordPress plugin helps you in hiding the date on blog posts. It does not alter the actual date but allows you to remove it from posts, cat and tag pages and now individual post ids.

Once you’ve installed the plugin, it has few parameters to configure. It turns off the date information after a specified number of days or immediately.

You can specify to remove dates from posts, tags, categories, from front page of your blog and also specify to remove the date/time from your post after X days. You can also mention certain posts by inserting the post ID to remove the dates from particular posts. You can add alternative text to replace date functions.

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