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Microsoft launched its Internet Explorer 10 few months back and shipped it by default with Windows 8 operating system. If you buy PCs and laptops with Windows 8 pre-installed, you get the Internet explorer 10 which is best optimized and designed for tablet computers and other devices including hybrid PCs with touchscreen displays. IE 10 is supposed to process web pages quickly and fixes lot of security issues. Internet explorer 10 download for Windows 7.

Usually people hate Internet explorer, which ever version it may be. But have to agree that still a portion of people use Internet explorer to view web pages. If you ask me, I use Internet explorer only to download other browsers like Chrome & Firefox.

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Now the Internet explorer 10 is available for personal computers running Windows 7. You can download the preview of Internet explorer 10 for your Windows 7 computers. You cannot use IE 10 on XP, Vista or any other older versions of Windows. Microsoft says it has sold more than 670 million licenses of Windows 7 from 2009 till date.

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I just tried IE 10 on my Windows 7 laptop and basically don’t find it much appealing. The options and buttons have reduced and a clean look makes viewing websites enjoyable and convenient. For instance, when reading an article on a news site, users of Internet Explorer 10 can just swipe across the screen to continue reading the next page instead of having to scroll down to click on a link, as most browsers require.

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Test drive Internet explorer 10 on Windows 7

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