Install Chrome Apps, Extensions and User Scripts Not From Web Store


In the past Google chrome offered the possibility to users to install extensions and user scripts from external websites and that were not present in Chrome web store. Past few versions of chrome, it doesn’t allow users to install due to security features and protect users from malware and protect against malicious scripts.

For those who wish to install the scripts, here is a quick workaround. When installing a chrome extension which are in .crx file extension it will first download to your computer and then automatically throws an error when it tries to install it.

How to install chrome extensions and scripts manually?

You need to download the extension to your computer. The extension will have a .crx file format.

Now once you’ve downloaded the extension to your computer.

Drag and drop the extension in the Manage extensions page of Chrome.

To navigate manage extension page, you can find it under settings > extensions.

Click customize and control Google chrome icon on the address bar and navigate to Tools > Extensions.

In this page, you can find all the extensions listed out. This is the page you need to access for uninstalling extensions. So, drag and drop the .crx extension file into this page.

You can get confirm new extension installation on Google chrome. Clicks add and you’ve installed the extension not from the web store.

So here is how you can overcome this prohibition of installing chrome extensions directly from external sources.

For security measures Google chrome has disabled installing extensions from external sources. Use this method to install only if you’re sure about the extension.

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