Install Android apps directly from Google+


If you share an android app link (Google play store) on Google+, it allows you to install directly from it. All these days, if someone shares a link on the Google+ timeline, you need to visit the play store to install the app. Now, from your Google+ timeline you can directly install the android app to your phone.

It is a nice idea to integrate play store options directly into Google+. But still, if you click the install button you will be taken to the play store and confirm the installation. This new improved feature will allow you to tell other users to install the app if you’re recommending them.

If you’re still unaware of play store features like installing and uninstalling apps directly from Play store. Learn it today. You don’t need to use Google play app on your mobile to install and uninstall android apps. You can do everything from the play store account from web. It syncs all your apps to the list of installed apps.

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