How to find who is not following you on Twitter


There are tools to find out who unfollowed you on twitter. That awkward moment when you find who unfollowed you. But there is also another awkward moment when you find people who don’t follow you back. You may follow your friends on twitter or you may follow like-minded fellows on twitter, at some point of time starting with conversation, they may follow you back.

Sometimes they don’t follow you back. So, if you’re like how to find the ones who don’t follow me back on twitter. There are few apps. It checks the list of people you’re following and in that list it will list out the ones not following you back. So you have choices left to unfollow them or just leave it.

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Here is the list of Ultimate 170+ Twitter apps and tools.

ReFollow app allows you to find who is not following you back. Once you’ve oAuth with your twitter account, it displays the results by I’m following and people who are not following me. So with the results of people who don’t follow you back, you can easily unfollow them.

Tweepi is another app; it helps you to unfollow those inactive twitter users. Inactive twitter users can be found by setting a date. So if a twitter account is found which has the previous tweeted dated 2 months back, it takes it as inactive account. So along with the inactive twitter accounts, it displays users who do not follow you back. You can unfollow them all in one click. helps you find who doesn’t follow me back on twitter. It categorizes tweeps into three. Who I follow, doesn’t follow me back as Celebrities. Who follows me, but I don’t follow back as Fans and Who I follow and follows me back as Friends. Not everyone that you follow is returning the favor. So with this app, find the users who don’t follow you back on twitter and time to unfollow them.

There is lot of similar apps to find who doesn’t follow me back on twitter. So, if you find any app share with us through comments below.

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