How to Delete Skype Chat history?


If you want to delete the chat history on Skype messenger, follow the instructions below. You can easily remove all the chat history from Skype. By default, Skype stores all the chat conversations in your account. If you login to computer A and use Skype, then use Skype on computer B you can find all your conversations.
Follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Open Skype and login

2. Go to Tools > options

3. You can find IM & SMS options in the left side

4. Click that and go to advanced options

5. Now you find option to clear the history.

Delete the Skype chat history with one click. You can automate the process by setting the how long the Skype chat history should be stored. Hope this simple tip is useful. If you want more similar tips, subscribe to our blog. You can find the options to subscribe in the top right sidebar.

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