Change Android Notification Bar with 1Tap Quick Bar App


If you’re bored of the default notification system in your android device, here is a method to change the notification style in android. The app 1Tap Quick bar setting allows you to create a customized notification area of your choice. The default notification bar has options to quick switch Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sound, Silent mode etc. But if you want to have some shortcuts to apps and other extra functionalities in notification tray area, then this app is the right choice.

1Tap Quick Bar is one of the best notification customization apps for android. It helps you quick access any apps, any settings from your notification area. You can access your wifi settings, call contacts, add event from calendar, and launch your favorite apps everything from the notification area.

It has 60 built-in tasks for you to add to the notification area. You can create your own notification tray. Once you’ve installed the app, starts create a new notification tray. Choose a background pattern or image from the given choices and select items / apps to fit in the notification area.

You can set access to direct dial, message, 1tap launch a web page or app, application shortcut, email label, new event, ram booster, media control etc. You can customize the background, icon set, text color, status icon etc of your notification tray.

You will love this application. It makes your work fast and easy. You get to access all the functions from the notification bar. You can customize however you want. Even it allows you to customize your home screen widgets.

Try 1Tap Quick Bar (android notification app) – No root needed.

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